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Presentation given to Kings School, Junior Division, March 2010

Destiny Garden School Presentation to Kings School Children

Where is Destiny Garden School?

Where is Destiny Garden School?

Destiny Garden School is in Mombasa, on the coast of Kenya

DGS is in Mtongwe, Mombasa


Images taken on route to Mtongwe

Images taken on route to Mtongwe

Images taken on route to Mtongwe

Images taken on route to Mtongwe

 Images taken on route to Mtongwe

Images taken on route to Mtongwe

 Images taken on route to DGS

 Images taken on route to DGS

 Images taken on route to DGS


The Village Well Provides Vital Water

Mtongwe Village Well

Boys collecting water for their families

Everyone in the family helps to collect the water

Destiny Garden School

Food for the Children’s lunch is grown on the school grounds

School Classrooms, Kitchen, toilet block and office being buil

Aims of DGS

Children at DGS

DGS still need more desks and chairs

The class a DGS child goes into is not age related; it depends on how much education they have had

The state schools can have classes of 100+ children

The majority don’t have electricity at home either

It can sometimes be cooler outside in the shade

Masikah steps in to take KG2 class

DGS Children love to sing - they don’t have any musical instruments yet

The school has a gardener and the children learn how food is grown

The School Kitchen with Cooks - Mary, Fatuma and Aziza

Many families struggle to feed themselves so the School lunch is a godsend

Water is a precious commodity

The water queue

DGS provides uniforms as most families can’t afford to do this

Mums cook the children a nutritious snack

Images of Destiny Garden School Children Playing

Tug of War without the rope!

DGS children playing

DGS children playing

About 100 liked football best including 25 girls. Skipping was first choice for 28 girls and only 1 boy

’Bladder’ -  french skipping and ’Leng Lenge’ - Pig in the middle

DGS children see their images in volunteers digital cameras BUT ... see next slide

There was great excitment when they saw photos of themselves

The School website is up and running and a Sponsorship programme in place

All  Kings School Children will get profile of the child they are writing to

Introducing you to DGS’s youngest child in Baby Class

Introducing you to DGS’s oldest child in Class 4

Guy worked at DGS over Christmas and New Year. He bought the school a goat

A fantastic experience for DGS Chilren

An exciting day trip whcih left some tired out!

Here are some suggestions that Kings School Children could write about


Destiny Garden School

Please see Destiny Garden School’s website for more details and the latest news -

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Plans for the Future

Plans for the FutureIn the immediate future Destiny Garden School needs more funds to  -

•    provide better quality food …

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