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About Us

 Mombasa Map

Please see Destiny Garden School’s website for more details and the latest news - www.destinygardenschool.org

Destiny Garden School is being established at Mtongwe - 
one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa, on Kenya’s coast.

The school opened in May 2009 and now has over 400 children and 14 qualified teachers. 

Many of the children are orphans and some are HIV positive. Families of the children will mostly struggle to find regular work in an area where jobs are scarce. 


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  The main aims of the school are: 

  Children at Garden Destiny School

  • * Providing all the children with a good standard of education
  • * Bringing out the full potential of each and every child
  • * Ensuring all children receive a good meal during the school day

  • * Offering educational programmes on HIV/AIDS and also care for those already infected by HIV/AIDS
  • * Offering training and counselling to the orphaned children                                                 

 Jacob showint DGS Children a camera video

Jacob Boaz  is the Founder and Director of Destiny Garden School and he manages all the School affairs.  He also coordinates the fund raising and looks after all the volunteers.  Jacob established another school in a different area of Mombasa which provided him with valuable experience to get Destiny Garden School up and running – his big dream is to help the children in this very poor district of Mombasa. Having himself been brought up in this area and having had the opportunity of a good education, Jacob strongly believes that education is the way out of poverty. 


Lunch - Destiny Garden School provides a cooked lunch for all the children each day.  It is not uncommon for families to go without food and for many of the children the lunch they receive at the School is their only proper meal of the dayDestiny also want to be able to provide a quality snack during the morning break.             DGS Cooks Preparing Lunch for the Children

                                                                           Children Queing for Lunch  













 The School’s Development to Date    

  The School



Destiny Garden School opened in May 2009
with 7 classrooms in this rented building.  












School Grounds



With the help of donations from Germany, the school bought a plot of land adjacent to the rented buildings.


Trees were planted on this land and it is used for growing crops to help feed the children at lunch time.  There is a neaby borehole and water is pulled up from this on a 60 metre rope for irrigation.





The New Kitchen Being BuiltThe New Kitchen Complete



June 2009 - the first buiding to go up was the kitchen.  







Lessons Taken on Mats




Classes at Destiny Garden School were conducted on mats - there were no chairs, desks or blackboards.


July 2009, Jacky Price, who undertook voluntary work at the school for 6 months, bought desks and chairs for the children, and provided all 7 classrooms with blackboards.

Class 2

Uniforms for the Children




Jacky, also bought the children school uniforms which were designed by Masikah and made by one the the parents.




Pictured left to right - Jacky, Masikah, Julius and Jacob




September 2009, with donations from a UK   the office and storage block was  started

Storage/Office Block being Built 

work in progress




The new Office and Storage Block



Friends of Judy Roper in the UK raised funds at her ’Open House’ fundraising event on 22 August 2009.  These funds enables the school to buy sports equipment and to build  the new office and storage block, which was completed in October 2009.





In March 2010 a donation was recieved from Dr George which enabled a Kindertgarten Block to be built. 
Click this link to see a report of Dr George’s visit.

Nursery buiding almost complete

In May 2010  donations were recieved from Australia and the UK to build the 4 primary Classes.

The 4 Primary Clsses being built


Inside the New Classroom












The primary classroom 1 to 4 being built.  The classes were able to vacate the rented rooms and move in
on Monday 14 June 2010, even though funds were still needed for the windows and doors!

Primary Classrooms 1 to 4

The Primary Classrooms 1 to 4 were finally completed in September 2010.



Before and After - the school in June 2009 

 School GroundsThe School in June 1010    



The school in June 2010











Please see Destiny Garden School’s website for more details and the latest news - www.destinygardenschool.org













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Destiny Garden School

Please see Destiny Garden School’s website for more details and the latest news - www.destinygardenschool.org

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Plans for the Future

Plans for the FutureIn the immediate future Destiny Garden School needs more funds to  -

•    provide better quality food …

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